About us

Rajpurohit dairy polly pack established since 1997 its a first pvt. polly pack plant in rajasthan. It’s a partnership firm surender singh ji rajpurohit and Manohar singh ji rajpurohit are managing director of this firm. Our brand name is Suraj.

In a state like Rajasthan where Agriculture farming is not the main stay of farmer’s income, Rajpurohit Dairy took an initiative to help the farmers overcome this difficulty. Unmatched product Quality has been our motto and complete customer satisfaction the aim.

History of Rajpurohit

'Rajpurohit' ie state priest. Rajpurohit Hindu Brahmin society that has a branch. Mythical divine power on earth fraction of the time I Arajpurohito was considered. It was recognized that Rajpurohit state power to force those who decide they are divine, so the decision Arajpurohito King always vail - used to head.
King's advisor due to divine king of the Brahmano Biseshono Ahusith used to. One of Rajpurohit Unehi Alankaro figure. Rajpurohit Guru Dronacharya was a Brahmin. Policy - science and power - the use of Rajpurohit had dominated the field,
Our Dairy Products
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